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Marketing and Advertising Consultants

Your Risks

We all make mistakes. But when you are responsible for a company's image, mistakes can be especially costly. Recently, a PR agency spent €25,000 reprinting a programme for a 'Quality Assurance' conference when they misspelled a key speaker's name. These things happen, and UK marketing agencies spend millions of pounds every year correcting this kind of mistake. In these circumstances, it pays to make sure you are properly protected. That's where your insurance partner comes in. Hiscox will provide provide insurance that's tailor-made for marketing, advertising, PR, design and communications specialists. A policy enables you to maintain good relationships with your clients and keep your reputation intact. It can also help you financially to resolve a problem before a client is even aware of it - unlike most insurance policies, you don't have to be sued before this policy pays out.

You're Covered

The policy has been specially designed to protect the unique relationship a professional has with their client and therefore has several outstanding features which you would not find under a standard policy. In addition to providing a very wide level of base cover, the policy is designed to protect your commercial relationships. For example within the mitigation of loss cover, to avoid a larger valid claim being made under the policy where a project has gone wrong:

  • The policy will pay fees due to you where your client refuses to pay
  • The policy will pay the sub contractors you are committed to paying.

In addition to this our plain English policy wording includes:

  • Broad civil liability cover - if it's not excluded, it's covered.
  • Defamation - You’re covered for defamation.
  • Fidelity - The policy covers you for your own losses arising from the dishonesty of your employees or contractors.
  • Loss of documents - The policy covers the rectification costs of lost or damaged documents or data of a professional nature.
  • Intellectual property - The policy covers you for infringing others rights including copyright, music rights, trademark, broadcasting rights, moral rights or any act of passing off.
  • Media Space - The policy covers the fees you are legally obliged to pay for media space or print time which you have booked in good faith, but outside your clients' authority.
  • Rectification costs - The policy will also pay the additional costs to rectify a mistake which you or your subcontractors have made, before your client is even aware of the mistake.
  • Privacy - The policy covers you for breach of confidence and infringement of any right to privacy.
  • Geographical limits - The policy can provide full protection by extending the geographical limits to a worldwide basis. However, world-wide coverage will not always be required and we therefore have the ability to provide coverage which is limited to specific territories.

One Policy For All Your Business Requirements

This is a suite of insurance modules we have developed for Professionals giving you the flexibility to meet all of your insurance needs in one policy. Modular covers include:

  • Professional Indemnity
  • Employers’ Liability
  • Public liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Internet
  • Property insurance
  • Computer
  • Consequential Loss

A terms of business document must be completed and returned with the proposal form.